Sunday, 7 February 2010

meds and rock love

just a blog entry dedicated to the album meds by placebo. in my opinion, this is one of the best albums i've come across within the alternative rock genre. i essentially love every single track, which is not a common occurrence for me. 'tis a great feat, placebo. you may not agree, but to each his own.

what i love about rock is that, for me, it never feels fake. why? i believe it is less likely to be over-killed by commercialism. when i come across a person who has an interest in rock, i don't question whether or not it's genuine. i guess it's because, comparatively, rock does not appeal to as wide an audience as does rnb, pop, or even indie (note: i'm not dissing these genres by any means). which is all well and good. hate to sound arrogant and obnoxious, but when it comes to music, i'm quite the territorial being. and by territorial, i mean not very welcoming of fake people. i have a very low tolerance for such things. in the end, i'm comfortable with my interests, and i don't need a swarm of ignorant conformists to prove to me that it's okay and that i am 'cool'.

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Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right! I love Placebo, too and especially the album Meds!