Wednesday, 3 February 2010

magic mouse

i know, it's been around for a while. i would rant about the ipad, but i'm a wee bit behind with my apple products. we're just going to have to settle for the magic mouse, okay?

my beloved brother bought me a magic mouse for christmas. i'm blogging about it now because i have only just received it. belated indeed. it's how us doan's roll. i'm not used to using the scroll on the mouse yet, as my mighty mouse's scroll ball completely died on me a few months back. so i've been using the keyboard and the scroll bar. sigh. but let's not dwell on my unfortunate mighty mouse. i'm glad that i shall never have to use that piece of shit again. grins.

i love the magic mouse. it's the most aesthetically pleasing mouse i've ever used. not to mention, the smell of the packaging and the mouse itself. i love the smell of new apples. don't look at me like that. you do it too. what do you expect from someone who likes the smell of books? okay. justified. also loving the wireless factor. now all i need is a wireless keyboard. i'm just waiting till they release one that has a number pad, although i'm not sure if that will ever happen. i will, however, continue to anxiously wait upon it's release because, as demonstrated many a time, beyond this mac screen, i have no life.

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