Friday, 11 December 2009


popped into fat today and found these lovely 'deadly creatures' necklaces by ZM925. instant love. a spontaneous christmas gift for myself (alongside the aerodyne, let's not forget). figured i could afford to spend a pretty penny on myself this month, with my christmas bonus and all. booyah! i was not aware that zoe created such morbid jewellery ('tis very me). i used to associate zoe mou with her self titled jewellery collection - zoe mou; cute, but a tad too prissy for my liking. low and behold, she too can create melancholic pieces.
"Hand carved with incredible intricate detail, the pieces are created by talented artisans, using buffalo bone and horn. This range also includes sterling silver and gold detailing, that gives humour to these special designs.

The unique range takes a modern look at skulliology, and the difference between the skulls in our beautiful animal kingdom. This ZM95 skull range wants to showcase the beautiful creatures and serve as an educational experience, with hopes of greater appreciation of the natural world." -


zoe said...

thanks for the mention x x x more dark ranges too come xzoe

imnotunfaithful said...

you are very welcome :)
looking forward to seeing more brilliant pieces from your lovely talented self x