Sunday, 4 October 2009

d.i.y. mini feather cape

initially i wanted something more like the hussy feather cape - big and fabulous. but then i thought about it, and opted for a smaller, more subtle feather cape - much more practical and wearable with my wardrobe. i may make a larger one later down the track, when i find a place that sells larger feathers. bought these feathers from KIS it better (thanks delilah) on greville street - sweet little shop. i personally like the cape better undone.

materials: 0.5 m black feathers, 0.5 m brownish feathers, long black ribbon


Louisa said...

I was totally considering the same thing after seeing a gorgeous cape in general pants...
You have convinced me it is possible!

Also did you sew it to the ribbon or glue it? Some more instructions would be great!!

imnotunfaithful said...

p.s. you're going to need a pretty sturdy sewing machine for this d.i.y. project


imnotunfaithful said...

thank you for the comment. this was sewn together, no glue.

1. sew two layers of feathers together, one slightly higher than the other.

2. wrap ribbon around the fringe of the feathers and sew together.