Monday, 21 September 2009

re: victorian cop rape post

to whom it may concern,

i understand that the entry i posted regarding this issue may have been inconsiderate towards your family. i did not intend for the post to be exposed to the public. i was unaware that my blog was even search-able on google ... assuming that is how you found my blog. although, i'm still unsure as to how you ever stumbled upon my site, unless you searched deep within google ... which i tried, but to no avail.

that said, i would like to emphasise that i did not in any way point out anything negative or judge the person in question. all i noted was that phillip and i were once close to this person. point being, it's a small world. below that was the news article i found on the internet. i didn't make any comment on the article.

also note, should someone have stumbled upon my site and found that post - i can assure you, it would probably have been overlooked as an innocent post by a young nobody. my voice in this media consumed cyber-world is non-existent.

i apologise if the post had affected you emotionally in any way. it was not my intention. i have since deleted the post. i hope all the best for your family.

yours sincerely,


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