Tuesday, 22 September 2009

$2.99 school tunic

dropped by savers today in an effort to find another cheap blazer. i find it very difficult to find clothes that fit in the adults section, so you'll often find me browsing in the kids section. looks a bit suss ... going through kids clothing, especially in the 'school uniform' racks. nevertheless, i found a cute little school tunic for a mere $2.99. now, if the tunic actually fit me, i would have left it as is and added bits here and there. however, my upper half is apparently larger than a 6 year old's. so i did a little unstitching, added a couple buttons and wallah! a magnificent little preppy piece that i will be strutting around in sometime soon. i bought the buttons a while ago from clegs, but didn't have a use for them ... all i knew was i had to have them. they definitely came in handy. love.


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soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Ahh love it! Pity about the top half of the tunic, coz it looks cute as is. But I love it as a skirt as well. The addition of the buttons is just perfect!