Saturday, 6 June 2009

vice global trends - melbourne


In reaction to the abundance of bullshit available these days, dudes are finally starting to take what they’re wearing a bit more seriously. Thankfully, they’re turning to previous decades for inspiration—with dark, well-tailored suits and stovepipe pants. Inexplicably, double-breasted jackets are in, as are tartan tops. Ready the bloodhounds for the truffle hunt! Jean shorts are back in a big way, but this time around they’re usually paired with a nice shirt and, for the brave and gay of heart, colored socks.

For shoes it’s shiny brogues and plimsolls, and for accessories there’s no beating tattoo sleeves, chest pieces, and anything homemade. Braces are still keeping all sorts of pants up, and a respectable schoolboy haircut remains the epitome of good taste—though wild hair in the style of Birthday Party–era Nick Cave is acceptable if you’ve got a modicum of panache.


We’ve recently emerged from the country’s hottest stretch in 100 years, so it’s nice to see Australian ladies finally realize that wearing flip-flops is the equivalent of framing and mounting toe jam. The downside is they’re just discovering those horrendous half-shoe/half-sandal wedge things that New York girls were killing us with two summers ago. Guess they’ll be discovering gladiator sandals any second now. In pants news, cutoff denim shorts are everywhere. Jeans are no longer tightslike but are still nowhere near JNCO-size proportions. Attention to detail has become important, and things like buttons, plaid, lace, animal prints, and leather accessories can make or break you. Straw hats in classic styles are popular, and we’re glad to report Wayfarer rip-offs have reached the tipping point. Sunglasses alternatives are small 90s-style thingies, aviators, or big round numbers like Karen Walker just released.


i'll make this quick and snappy given i have an essay to attend to. i have no input for the 'boys' commentary. however, for the women - i'm not sure whether they're looking at melbourne as a whole, or only the fashion conscious. i think girls stopped wearing flip flops as a fashion item two years ago. and ummm, we discovered gladiator sandals sometime last year - it's just still under rotation, although i'm pretty sure people have let it go now. although, i have no idea when this article was written, so that may be a factor. that's all i have to say.

source: vice magazine

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