Saturday, 30 May 2009

the peter principle

ha! the peter principle relates to situations outside work too.

Lazear's (2004) view of the Peter Principle: -
From an outsider's view of the employee's work history, it appears that the promotion was the trigger for a decline in work, when all the while, the productivity being demonstrated before the promotion was actually artificial. In Lazear's view, it's not incompetence that's the eventual result of promotions, but an employee's desire to work less that's to blame for less productivity in his new, elevated position.

This is also seen in human courtship rituals. When a man finds a potential mate, he'll spend more time and energy on making himself appear attractive and interesting. When a commitment is reached, the amount of time and energy spent on these pursuits inevitably declines, what some refer to as "letting yourself go."

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