Sunday, 8 February 2009

crystal castles

not impressed. disappointed with their performance overall - nevertheless, i will not deprive you of the clips i took during. i just want to add that i think its uncool for bands to disrespect their fans by doing the following:
  1. making us wait over an hour (ETA) quite a while for the show to start ( ... and might i add - not apologising for it )
  2. stalling for about 5 minutes, especially when the performance only went for a mere 45 minutes
  3. not performing an encore - even with fans cheering for an extended period of time


Anonymous said...

That was not a 1 hour wait, that was a dj set by DJ Street Party.

DJ Street Party was scheduled to perform for 1 hour between the opening band (DZ) and the headliner (Crystal Castles).

Anonymous said...

well 40 - 45 minutes then. close enough.
they started when they were supposed to finish.