Wednesday, 3 December 2008

i'm scared of bees too

"I was really not a big fan of anything with wings, but I'm sure that this is just because I'm afraid of them getting in my hair, or on me, or up my nose, or something like that. But one time there was a bee in my apartment and I–it was a one room apartment my bed just pulled out from the wall, and so it was the bedroom at night and I would just push it back in during the day and it was the living room. So I was sitting in my living room slash bedroom and this bee flew in the window and I panicked. I was all like, "Ahh!" and went running into the bathroom and then closed the door. I was all like, 'Ahhh', and then I was like 'Well f*ck, I'm in the bathroom, what am i going to do in here?' So I just was like, 'I have to go out and get the bee.' So I opened the door and I peeked out. And I could hear the bee it was f*cking big, it was probably the size of my fist. It was like "brrrr", and was just like bumping into shitt and i was like it's come into my apartment to die. It was like big, and full and slow, and it was going to die. So I closed the door, and I was all like 'f*ck, what am i going to do?' And the bathroom was–like there was four stairs up into the bathroom and then there was a bench, it was a rad bathroom–and so i basically came up with this plan because I was so afraid of the bee I was like it's gonna have to fly out the window so i basically opened up the door, ran and threw open another window, and then ran back into the bathroom. And I waited like three minutes, and then i opened the door and it was still out there and so I ran out and grabbed my guitar. And i wrote a song and waited for the bee to die. I know this sounds totally insane, but it was a really big bee. And I don't know if I'm allergic. I didn't want to die alone in my weird creepy bachelor apartment; and I'd just been dumped and I was like, 'I don't wanna die.' I don't wanna get a bee sting and everybody go, 'yeah, she died of a broken heart.' but really it was a bee sting." - tegan

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