Saturday, 6 September 2008

erin wasson vs. bliss lau

"We went to Gen Art last night and did some serious damage to our already weak wallets. On our way out, we approached a rack of chain jewelry, wine in hand and announced, "Wow, this looks just like Erin Wasson's."

We were impressed, just like we were when we first saw Erin's pieces, until the girl standing next to the rack, Bliss Lau, looked like she might cry. Apparently, allegedly, her work looks like Erin Wasson's because the model bought one of her necklaces, re-cast it and threw the copies over Alexander Wang's Fall 08 collection on that dirty Chelsea runway. All would have been forgiven, maybe, until Wasson wore the original Bliss version in her Nylon write up.

We love Erin, and now we kind of love Bliss, and it's impossible to know exactly who's right or who's wrong, (though Bliss has been making her body chains since Fall 2007). So we sighed, bought the necklaces from Bliss because they're super pretty and got the hell out of there before we spent any more money or heard any more scary stories." - fashionista

And - Bliss Lau's pieces run from about $250-$450
while Erin Wasson's pieces will retail for around $1,200.

erin wasson

bliss lau

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