Sunday, 7 September 2008

body jewellery

inspiration: bliss lau jewellery

this is one of the limited times that i've actually finished making something. anyway, i'm quite happy with the results. i was going to buy a different chains to play around with, but given i give up on making things when they start to get tideous - i figured i'd just stick with the one. the back is really simple, i would've played around with it a little more, but i don't have a mannequin. i am a happy chap.

chain: $6.50 per m [ bought 2m ]
split rings 6mm: $3.00 - 25 pack [ used 6 ]
clasp and larger split ring: $2 [ with a few spare ]
magnetic clasp: $3.oo each
pliers: $10 [ ... didn't really use them ]

total: $31


JUL said...

Can't believe you got this look in 2008!!

adoanut said...

haha thanks jul :)