Sunday, 24 August 2008

the water myth

click here - for future reference. if anyone decides to bug me about drinking water. love mia. in a nut shell ...
  • The notion that you must consume two litres of fluid water a day is a myth
  • “There is no evidence to support this,” Kidney Health Australia experts say
  • "The best way of knowing how much to drink is to drink enough to satisfy your thirst.”
  • “If you are passing a lot of urine, you are probably drinking too much.”
  • ... there is a little thing called “water intoxication”. It means you die.
  • The balance of the body’s electrolytes can be so disturbed by excessive water consumption that the heart can be brutalised, and the brain can in fact uncontrollably swell, thus attempting to crack open the skull, which it can’t, and will therefore terminate. (It happened last year in the US when a woman was forced to “hold her wee” for a radio competition. She died crying in her car.)
  • ... additional fluid intake will increase urine flow, but found no “significant change in stool output”.
  • Skin experts advise that hot showers, one of winter’s sweetest luxuries, pervert the skin and suck its moisture, and should thus be militantly short, lest the shower rob you of your moisture.

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