Thursday, 14 February 2008

death to polaroid photos

"After 60 years, the instantly gratifying, unpredictable nature (which is half the charm) of the instant photo produced by a Polaroid camera has come to an end. According to an article in the Washington Post on the weekend, Polaroid have announced that they will be shutting down all factories in the United States and abroad as the company abandons the much loved instant photo technology in favor of products for digital hungry world. The company will cease production of its film by next year.

Even though the technology is flawed, even though the photos are rarely in focus, even though the colours are sometimes screwy and even though the cameras are kind of bulky and no where near as portable as modern day digital cameras, there will be a gaping hole in the photography world with the absence of this technology. There's an element of surrender when it comes to using a polaroid that will be forever lost and although I'm sure there's still bucket loads of "Polaroid style" filters that will try to imitate the original aesthetic, it will never be the same. Upsets me." - lifelounge

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