Friday, 7 December 2007

who's graduating?

i am. checked my marks this morning ... an hour and a half after the results were released. which is a fair effort considering every other year i've waited at least a week after. reason being, i would rather a letter come to my house and tell me i've failed - than an F staring at me blankly on my computer screen. why? i don't know. i have a good relationship with my computer. it's good to me. i'd like to keep it that way. i kid i kid. or am i?

i feel free. i can sit around, do nothing and not have to think about uni or studying. although, i really should start looking into those recruitment jobs. can't stay at subway forever, that place is starting to shit me. rushin come back. but i don't want to get into a serious job just yet. i want a few months of retail work before i go all hardcore. hey, i'm going to be the first person to graduate on my mum's side. shibby.

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